Olympic Games: bet on the Belgians

21 July 2021

From today, you can look forward to exhilarating sports action in the most prestigious disciplines: it’s time for the Olympic Games! The world’s best athletes will meet to defend their nation. From them, there’s only one goal: a precious medal. For you, there’s a lot to win too, if you know how to bet smart. Don’t miss out – there’s more to win thanks to our promotion here!

Olympic medals for the athletes…

In this edition of the Olympics, held in Tokyo, Japan from July 21 to August 8, over 11,000 athletes from all corners of the world will compete in 339 events in 33 different sports (or 50 disciplines). If you’ve been following international sports news, then you might already know what’s up and who makes the most chance to win a bronze, silver or gold medal. Can you back up your prediction with a winning bet?

And a €5,000 prize pool for you!

There’s money to be won by betting on the Olympic Games – even more than elsewhere. All thanks to our Olympic Games promotion! There’s a €5,000 prize pool for our most cunning sports bettors. Every day, every bet, and every Olympic sport can count for points. Winning bets can earn you points on a leaderboard. Winning bets on Belgians even count twice! Dive right into this promotion now!

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