Once more thousands won on Infinity Dice


When we’re talking dice game wins, it’s inevitable that all eyes will turn to Infinity Dice. Without a doubt our most popular dice game, Infinity Dice is the favourite destination for players looking for an entertaining way to make a lot of money. These last few weeks have been no exception!

Infinity Dice was once more the scene of thousands of euros won for our luckiest players. Just ask the winners themselves and they will tell you that Infinity Dice really is where it’s at! Find your inspiration in their stories and go for your own big win now. Can you make bigger wins than our lucky players?

camboy82: €7,750

Our first lucky Infinity Dice fan in this winners review is camboy82. In his sessions on Wednesday, March 10, he had the luck of a lifetime, streaking different wins of hundreds of euros into a big payday. By the end of his lucky session that day, our player had netted a very cool €7,750. That’s how it’s done!

Ben291285: €8,000

Next, we come to Ben291285. This player also found his luck on Infinity Dice, making it out of his best session on Tuesday, March 9 with several thousands added to his goldenpalace.be player account. For him, too, the generous mystery games were key to making his money - €8,000 to be exact. Good job!

Wetteren: €15,500

This time around, it was our Infinity Dice player Wetteren who took the number one spot. Across his luckiest session on Thursday, March 11, he raked together the hefty sum of €15,500, outperforming the competition in style. Is it any wonder that he owes his incredible success to the game’s mystery games?

How about you?

Every time we take a closer look at our Infinity Dice winners, we see new names added to the list. This time around, luck came to camboy82, Ben291285 and Wetteren. Next time, it could very well be your turn! You can register and deposit within minutes, so you’ll be ready to win all the faster here!

Infinity Dice

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