Play Homestead spring edition


After a long hard winter, Button the hedgehog can finally start working on his farm again! In this new edition of Airdice’s strategic dice game Homestead, spring fills the air, with wonderful and cute new visuals and animations. Will you help Button out on his farm? Of course, by helping our hedgehog friend, you could reap the rewards of his hard work too. Become the first winner in Homestead spring edition!

Spring is in the air

Winter is over, spring fills the air, and Button wakes up from his hibernation. He’s so grateful that you have tended to his farm while he took a well-deserved nap! He still needs your help though. The farm needs further work, and he’s once more counting on you to help him out. Let’s be honest here: who could say no to our cute hedgehog friend?

Relaxing gameplay

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch Homestead this spring, is the relaxing soundtrack. As Button knows, you can’t rush to the fields too fast, better take your time! As before, the graphics too will draw you right into Button’s cosy universe. Making a winning line in any of this strategic dice game’s four boxes will give you a wonderful animation of his growing farm!

Strategic dice fun

With its many features focusing on gentle gameplay, you can play Homestead at your own leisure. You have plenty of chances to win, of course, simply by taking it easy and following your own strategy at your own comfort. The stakes still range from €0.25 up to €25, and the bonus board game feature will give you either a money or points bonus, or mystery games.

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