Play our Golden December strategic dice games!


Strategic dice games remain one of the most popular game formats in our highly diverse online casino gaming offer. Just think of all the tens of thousands of euro’s that our Infinity Dice players have won over the years! To underline the importance of strategic dice games, we’ve included your favourites in our Golden December contest.

Only today, you can enjoy a fine selection of strategic dice games that will help you in your quest for Golden December points. These ten games are some of the best out there, so if you hadn’t played them, here’s your chance to win more than ever. Join the race for points, get on that leaderboard, and keep challenging yourself and others for your prize in Golden December!

10 games, 10 euros, 100 points

Long-time fans as well as new enthusiasts will flock to our strategic dice games today, as there is a big leap to be made in the race for points. Just by playing a total of at least €10 on all 10 strategic dice games in our special selection, you could get 100 points! These points will go to the top 10 of best performers after we calculate the ratio of the winnings and the bets. First place gets a full 100 points, second place gets 90, and so on. Can you be the most successful strategic dice game player?

The games

All the big names of the genre are present here! Of course, all-time favourite Infinity Dice is present, as well as some of Air Dice’s other evergreens. If you’re more into clean, casino-style visuals, Diamond Double Wheel. Or else, you can join the Spirit Sisters in their fight against the alien invasion! Football fans, too, get a shot at points with The Great Old Dice, Reel Games’s strategic dice game styled after our sponsored team RAFC. Check out the full list through our Golden December page!

Gather those points!

If you hadn’t yet joined in our Golden December race for points, you’re not too late yet! There’s always time to join in, as December has just started. Just a look at the prize list should be enough to convince you to treat yourself to an amazing gift to wrap up 2020. Who will take the first place in the leaderboard and the 8K television set that goes with it? It could still be you, and all you need to do is register if you haven’t, make your first deposit, and start gathering points. End 2020 with a bang in Golden December!

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