Player wins €15,199.84 with multi bet

24 May 2023

Player wins €15,199.84 with multi bet | Football | Sports betting |

A nice amount of money for our player who recently won €15,199.84 with a prelive multi bet on matches of major football competitions. Also known as accumulators, multi bets are a great opportunity for you to win big! Combine several selections into one bet and if they all win, your multi bet is a winner. This is how our player who bet €50, won 270 times his original bet. In total, an incredible win of €15,199.84! Here's what you need to know to try your luck.

How to win €15,199.84?

Our player Howdihow bet on 6 matches from the major football competitions such as the Bundesliga, Premier League or Serie A and won 270 times his stake. This incredible multiplier allowed him to win €15,199.84 after placing a five-fold multi bets for €50! Now it’s up to you: try the multi bets (also known as accumulators) on and multiply your bet to win an incredible sum!


Player wins €15,199.84 with multi bet | Football | Sports betting |