pokerocco wins €10,779.94 on Pure


Strategic dice games are a genre all on their own. This original gaming format give you a real, decent edge, as you can decide your own strategy. Plenty of strategic dice games in our dice game offer have been around for years, but still we see winning sessions of several thousands, week upon week.

These games never disappoint the fans! Just think of all the wins on Infinity Dice we’ve mentioned over the past weeks, months, and years. This time around, it’s Pure (also by Airdice, just like Infinity Dice) that was the scene of our biggest recent win. Read all about it, and learn how you could be next!

Experience a dice game distilled to its purest form!

As a strategic dice game, Pure offers you a chance at developing your own strategy as you decide where you place the columns of random dice symbol stacks. The symbols that reward lower scores may come along more often, while the symbols that have higher rewards may prove harder to come by. Can you make a winning horizontal or vertical line by aligning the most valuable symbols possible in a winning line? With 4 boxes, you have plenty of chances to arrange the best possible winning outcome for yourself.

Can you win the Pure jackpot?

Did you know that Pure also has a jackpot? Even better: it has three of them! Jackpots never let you down, especially when there are several within the same game. In the case of Pure, you can take a chance for the jackpot (and also the highly coveted mystery games!) at the bonus wheel. Our player pokerocco managed to take the wheel for a spin, and in the end, he left the game with a total net win of €10,779.94. All that he needed was some patience, skill to combine the bonus symbols into a winning line, and a lot of luck in the special feature.

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