Promo on 3 Pro League matches: one goal = €2 for you!

6 January 2023

JPL Promo : win with every goal | Football promotion | Sports betting | Golden Palace |

We give you 3 opportunities to pocket extra winnings on each goal in 3 key Pro League matches. This promotion is valid for 3 JPL games: Antwerp – AA Gent, Genk - Club Bruges, Anderlecht – Union. Regardless of your favourite team, the goals of the opposing team earn you money. Win up to €10 more per match... Place your bets!

3 JPL matches in our promo (January 7 and 8, 2023)

On the 19th matchday of the Pro League, January 7 and 8, 8 matches are scheduled. Only 3 of them are in our promotion, though. We invite you on January 7 at 8.45 p.m. for the match between Antwerp and AA Gent, on January 8 at 1.30 p.m. for the match between Genk and Club Brugge, and on January 8 at 6.30 p.m., when Anderlecht will face Union Saint-Gilloise.

Three great matches on the menu. To give you an idea, here is the score of their last match. Antwerp beat Gent on August 28 with a score of 2-1. Genk and Club Bruges met on July 24 and Bruges won with 3 goals to 2. And when Anderlecht met Union on August 28, Union won with a score of 2-1. You now know everything about those teams! 

So, have you formed your own opinion about the number of goals in each match? With a €2 payout per goal from any team, you can see what you can win!

Our €2 per goal promo: win up to €10 per match

No matter what bet you place, every goal from both teams in action in every match earns you €2. That really makes you want to encourage the players of both teams to put the ball in the net!

Our conditions are simple: a single bet on one of the three matches, valid on all markets, a minimum bet of €10 and a minimum odd of @1.50. The maximum winnings are capped at €10 per match if your first ticket wins. Don't miss out, bet before January 7!



Terms & conditions

1. To participate in the Goals promotion, players must be over 18 years of age at the time of the promotion. And the player has to have an activated F+ License.

2. This promotion is only valid for the matches Antwerp – AA Gent, RC Genk – Club Bruges and Anderlecht - Union taking place on January 7 – 8, 2023.

3. The minimum stake is €10. To participate in the promotion for all 3 matches, place a bet of minimum €10 on one of the matches mentioned in point 2.

4. Only single bets are eligible for this promotion. Only the 1st ticket played on one of the matches is taken into consideration. Live bets and cashouts are not eligible for this promotion. Minimum odds are 1.50.

5. We will pay €2 per goal scored in the matches. Customers who place an eligible bet in accordance with the rules in 2, 3 and 4 will receive €2 per goal, up to a maximum of €10 per customer per match.

Example: The customer places a €10 ticket on the match Antwerp – AA Gent at minimum odds 1.50. 4 goals are scored in Antwerp – AA Gent, 2 goals are scored in RC Genk – Club Bruges and 3 goals are scored in Anderlecht - Union. The customer will receive €18 (€8 + €4 +€6) extra winnings if his ticket is winning. The amount will be paid into the customer's account within 5 working days.

6. Only the first ticket played on one of the matches will be taken into consideration.

7. The maximum additional gain is €10 per match.

8. Only "Single" bets in "Pre-Live" are eligible for this promotion. Multiples and System bets are not eligible. Cashouts will not be considered.

9. If one of the matches should be cancelled for any reason, the promotion on that match will be considered void.

10. Golden Palace reserves the right to audit, at any time, the data and transaction logs for any reason whatsoever. In the event that, as a result of such checks, it is found that a customer is participating in strategies deemed to be illegal by Golden Palace management, Golden Palace reserves the right to cancel the player's entitlement to promotions.

11. By participating in this promotion, players agree to the terms and conditions.

12. Golden Palace reserves the right to change any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.

13. By participating in this promotion, players agree to receive promotional and informational messages about this promotion. This permission only applies to communication about this promotion and does not affect player’s other newsletter preferences.

15. In case of conflict between the different languages of this document, the English version is the one that is considered to be correct.

16. In case of a legal dispute with regarding this promotion, regardless if this conflict was initiated by or not, this dispute can only be ruled on by French speaking courts of Brussels.

17. reserves the right to modify any part of this promotion or this promotion as a whole at its sole discretion.