Quarterfinals of the Women's Basketball World Cup

28 September 2022

This Thursday 29 September, the 4 quarter-final games are on the program of this decisive day. Which of the 8 best women's basketball teams in the world will continue the race for the title? Any ideas? By betting on the winners, you can win big.

Women's World Cup 2022 quarter finals (Thursday 29 September)

Our national team is one of the 8 quarterfinalists! A place in the semi-finals or even the final is not impossible. Our players will be up against some formidable teams along the way: China, USA, Canada, France, Australia, Serbia and Puerto Rico.

Who will meet whom in the quarterfinals? It will be between the USA and Serbia, Puerto Rico and Canada, China and France, Belgium and Australia. There will be action in all four matches on Thursday 29 September. Will the defending champions, the USA, win their 11th Cup? Suspense. Everything can change from one day to the next. Place your bets!

Women's Basketball World Champions soon to be known

All bets will be in on October 1st with the final, also in Sydney. But before knowing the outcome of this World Championship, 4 teams will compete in the semi-finals on September 30th. At the time of writing, we do not know these semi-finalists. Since...the elimination of 4 teams will take place on Thursday 29th!

You will have to place your bets immediately after these quarter finals if you want to bet for the semi-finals on September 30th. We hope that Belgium will do at least as well as in 2018 and its honourable 4th place! It's up to you to bet right on the last decisive matches.

Bet smart and on time!

Golden Palace offers various online betting options for this Women's World Basketball Championship (among others). As a fan of this sport, you still have 7 matches to bet on. A well-placed bet is a chance to win. Go ahead and place your bets now, before the early morning games tomorrow!