Red Rake Gaming’s Super Stars Saga continues with Super 15 Stars!


Ever since we started offering their games, Red Rake has been providing us with some great casino experiences. None, however, have more gravity in the casino world than this provider’s Super Stars Saga! In the beginning, there was Super 5 Stars. Soon after came Super 7 Stars. Super 10 Stars followed, and then Super 12 Stars. Now, get ready for the next instalment in the journey: here’s Super 15 Stars!

The Super Stars Saga

When we first offered the casino slot games by Red Rake Gaming, we immediately knew that we had a hit on our hands with Super 5 Stars. This game stood out immediately with is clever combination of classic visual casino flair and it’s thrilling, feature-filled gameplay – and it still does so. But that game was only the beginning of a long Saga for Red Rake Gaming! Soon after, our provider raised the bar each time with Super 7 Stars, Super 10 Stars and Super 12 Stars.

Super 15 Stars

Now we’ve arrived at the fifth instalment of Red Rake Gaming’s hit series. Welcome, Super 15 Stars! This game fits right into the Super Star Saga, with the same recognizable symbols and gameplay. In fact, this slot game generously mentions its predecessors, with previous Super Stars Saga appearing as special symbols. These will each trigger a specific bonus feature. Then there’s the free spins feature, and to top it all off, you can win a grand jackpot on Super 15 Stars too!

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If you haven’t discovered Red Rake Gaming’s Super Stars Saga yet, you’ve been missing out! Fans of the realistic casino experience have lost their hearts to this series long ago. Just as many players have made a nice win on this classic casino slot experience! Will you be the next player to make the most of this hit slot game series? Join now and go for it!

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Super 15 Stars

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