Revamped sportsbook: bet better!

8 June 2021

At, we’re constantly looking for ways to boost your experience. This time, we have a treat for our sports bettors. Thanks to an update in functionality and user experience, our sportsbook page is better than ever.

You can now bet on a platform that offers the best user experience around. This updated version of our sportsbook also comes just in time for our GoldenMillions contest on the European football championship 2020.

Next-gen visualisation

When you visit your favourite betting platform when your sports event is already in action, you want all the relevant info in one place. Well, that’s what can offer you! Thanks to the latest developments in live event tracking technology, we offer you fluent visualisation of the action, along with live statistics to help you make that split-second decision.

More live bets than ever before

With sports events going on pretty much all around the clock worldwide, there’s always a game taking place, no matter what time you feel inspired to make a smart bet. Our updated version of the sportsbook includes live betting options for more sports events than ever before. No matter your sport, no matter your preferred betting selection: you’ll find it in our sportsbook now!

Bet builder: place your bet your way!

Our revamped betting platform includes a bet builder functionality. This revolution in online sports betting is set to revolutionize the way you bet! Thanks to bet builder, you will get unprecedented freedom in how you place your bet. In fact, bet builder breaks the bonds of the odds proposed by other sports betting experiences. Take control of the bet, change the parameters as you wish, and win bigger!

Toto bets

Another revolution is the addition of toto bets. Here, odds are a thing of the past! Instead, you can bet on the outcome of several sports events at the same time. A single buy-in qualifies you to win a pre-set prize pool, if all of your predictions come true. You can now enjoy this novel way to bet in our GoldenMillions action, where you can win up to €1,000,000 on the upcoming European championship!

Boosted odds: GoldenOdds

Sometimes, you have to bet bigger. Our improved sportsbook offers us that option for you to enjoy! For starters, the occasion of the European Championship gives us an ideal opportunity to roll out this novelty. Profit from our boosted odds – our GoldenOdds! You will find these boosted odds in our sportsbook and through our dedicated European Championship page. GoldenOdds: bet better now!