Roulette win: jeff_montois masters the art of roulette!


If there is one game that defines the casino experience, it must be roulette. The casino classic has been capturing the imagination of fascinated casino players for over 200 years. Today, it’s a true staple in any casino: you just can’t do without it! At, we offer the game of roulette in many forms, the most interesting of which can be found in our live casino. With 3 providers and numerous tables, our live casino is your first stop for roulette and beyond. Odd or even, small or big, red or black: maybe you could win a huge sum, like our player jeff-montois did. Read all about his amazing exploits here!

Easy to learn, hard to master

The roulette concept is simple: there’s a spinning wheel with 37 or 38 sections, alternatingly painted red or black, where a small ball can land. Guess the correct landing place of the ball, and you win. Of course, there’s much more to it in reality. Odds and therefore winnings depend greatly on the risk you take. Even a reasonably straight-forward option like red or black doesn’t give a 50% chance to win, as there’s always the green 0 field. Numbers can be hot or cold, strategies can be invented to limit risks, stakes can be dependent on the situation… It’s not as easy as it seems to become a true master at roulette!

€25,000 win by jeff_montois!

It would seem that we have found ourselves a player who has mastered the art of roulette. During his roulette table sessions last week on Authentic Gaming’s live feeds from actual casinos, our player jeff_montois managed to close up with €25,000 in his pocket. Incredible! Such a stunning win isn’t something that comes along every month. Of course, plenty of luck was involved, but jeff_montois has also proven that a keen knowledge of the game and all possible outcomes and strategies is indispensable if you want to make it big. Of course, the knowledge is free, so maybe you’re next?

Play live roulette from the comfort of your living room

At, we have live roulette table feeds from casinos all over the world. This allows you to take place at a roulette table presented by real, professional dealers. With dozens of tables available day and night, there’s always a spot for you. And that’s far from all: besides live roulette, you can also enjoy live blackjack, live baccarat, and much more! For example, we have recently pushed the boundaries of live casino by offering live game shows! There’s a whole world of live casino experiences waiting for you. Join us now and become the next big winner in our fascinating live casino!

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