Season bets on the national football competitions


All over the world, football competitions are currently in various states of inactivity. It’s still too soon to see with certainty which competition will start first. Luckily, this also gives us an opportunity. That’s right: in our specials betting section, you can try to predict which national competition will start first. Let’s find out what this intriguing offer is all about, shall we?

The specials betting offer focuses more on the general nature of events, rather than sportive results. Popular specials betting options are political elections and award ceremonies. Now we also offer seasons bets. This option allows you to place a bet on your prediction of which of three major football competitions will start first: the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, and Italy’s Serie A.

Premier League

As the most highly regarded national competition in the world, it could be considered vital that the Premier League takes the lead in picking up where things were abruptly left off. According to the rumour mill, the Premier League organisation is working behind the scenes to try start playing games again as soon as the month of June. Could the English beat La Liga (@1.75) and Serie A (@1.50) to the punch?

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La Liga

With giants like Barcelona and Real Madrid, it’s obvious that La Liga in Spain has the firepower to take to the pitch before the others do. Since March 11, no game has been played, and at that moment, Barça was leading. If we are to believe the rumours, La Liga would like to kick off again by Thursday, May 28. @2.00 against the Premier League’s @1.75, the odds seem to indicate that this is rather optimistic…

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Serie A

Serie A was one of the first competitions worldwide that openly considered training sessions to prepare for potential upcoming games. However, those plans were just not feasible and logically fell through. At the moment, the Italians have no credible word out as to when they would start over. It’s unlikely to happen before the Premier League, with the odds among the two being @2.50 and @1.50, respectively.

Bet on the season starts now!

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