Skill games: win money your way


We know that our players at like to have a hand in the results. That's why our strategic dice games work that well. For that reason, we have added a new fun section to our casino game offer.

In these exciting games, you have a sense of control on the outcome. Yes, these games require skill as well as luck! Ready to discover yet another innovative revolution at

Develop a new set of skills

Skill games will bring your casino experience to a whole new level. Thanks to this innovation at, you will be able to experience the kind of control you can find in strategic dice games as opposed to the spin-and-win style of your favourite slot games. Take control of the situation and make decisions that could very well influence your winnings for the better! Another great benefit of skill games is the sheer variety of experiences that we have available right now. Every game has its own style and its own gameplay elements. That means that there will always be a skill game for you to discover.

Become a skilled professional

In skill games, you can wager your preferred stake on a procedurally generated outcome, like deciding if the number to the left will be higher or lower than the one on the right in More or Less by Evoplay. In Plinko by Betsolutions, you wager on the path that a ball will take as it falls down along a set of pins. Do you have the skills to pick the most likely route for the ball to take? Choose carefully, as the odds depend on the likeliness! Other skill games like Secret Trail Match 3 mimic the gameplay of “Candy Crush”. Here, you can click away the right symbols at the right time for the greatest possible wins.

It’s up to you now!

That’s just a small slice of the skill games we currently have on offer – we haven’t even mentioned classics like Roll the Dice or Heads or Tails! This skill games section of ours will of course keep expanding as its popularity rises. In due time, we will even add some real arcade games for you to enjoy. Keep an eye on this news section for more info on our innovative developments! In the meantime, you can start working on becoming our greatest skill games player. Join the King of Fun now and head to the skill games section in our online casino games offer. Go for it and become our first big skill game winner!

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