Smeagol22 wins thousands on Robo Santas Corp

13 March 2023

Smeagol22 won €13,827.75 on Robo Santas Corp | Dice games | Online casino |

Christmas 2023 is still far away, but our player Smeagol22 has fond memories to Robo Santas Corp, a Gaming1 dice slot game with a Christmas theme that we released late last year. Smeagol22 kept playing, hoping for that lucky break. A few weeks ago, it finally happened: our player managed to win €13,827.75 all at once. That’s amazing! Today, we’ll tell you all about this remarkable win.

Robo Santas Corp

Robo Santas Corp may have a Christmas theme, but its gameplay is exciting enough to get you through the whole year. Smeagol22 definitely found his new game in this Gaming1’s hit. While playing at a very modest stake of just €1.50, our player won 8 free spins. On the 7th of these, he won a total amount of €9,544.20. Together with the other free spins, his total win amounted to €13,827.75. All thanks to the Super Games feature that defines some of Gaming1’s games!