Spectacular 2021 bet wins so far


2020 was already a great year for our sports bettors. All across the year, and even though sports events were irregularly scheduled, hundreds of players won thousands of euros. By the way that it’s looking, we can assume that 2021 will be an even better year – not just because there are some delicious events on the horizon.

We’re only 25 days into the year 2021, but we’ve already found some spectacular sports bet wins as plenty of players nailed risky bets for a mind-blowing reward. In this article, we will be focusing on 3 bets that stood out. Read on if you want your fellow players to show you how winning at sports betting is done at Golden Palace!

Bali1973: €25 to €1,117.40

Our player Bali1973 got lucky on January 20, when a multi bet consisting of 5 selections on South American football games ended up going the way he predicted. Two of his prediction strike the eye. Bali1973 dared to bet on ‘Seventh goal: Avai’ in the Brasilian Serie B game between Avai and Juventude. This live bet could’ve made or broken his bet, but as the final result was 5-2, our player squeezed €1,117.40 out of his €25 stake. See how you can find value in competitions all over the world here?

eastbitd: €9.76 to €1,532.65

Even more spectacular is the betting win eastbitd achieved by applying his sports smarts on the Iranian Azadegan League. He chose just 3 games with steep stakes: @7.00, @4.95 and @4.40 respectively – that’s a total odd of over @152! Incredibly, his live predictions came true as the teams he placed his money on overcame the odds. With his keen insight, our player managed to inflate his modest stake of €9.76 to a payday of €1,532.65 on January 18. Congratulations, eastbitd, way to show us how to win!

bosfiro: €5 to €869.11

The most insane betting win of 2021 so far is marked by our player bosfiro early on in January. Our player bosfiro caught all of us off-guard with an 8-fold football multi bet on a Belgian Pro League selection mixed with selections on the French Ligue 1 and Italy’s Serie A. All selections flirted with the @2.00 odd line that would return twice the stake if the bets had used the single format. Here, the combination meant a stake multiplier of over 173. That’s how bosfiro ended up with €869.11 from a simple €5 bet, once all his predictions turned out to be correct. Crazy!

Upcoming opportunities

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