Sports fun in Golden December


Still missing a few Golden December points and waiting for your change to strike? If you’re a sports fan, your time has come this week! We have not one, but two sports-related challenges prepared for you in the upcoming days. It’s time to make a run for the points and gain some places in the leaderboard!

Today, Monday, December 21, we will challenge your risk assessment skills as you bet on upcoming sports events. On Wednesday, December 23, we visit our exciting virtual sports offer. There are hundreds of points to win in these sports-themed challenges, so don’t miss out!

Multi bet challenge

There are plenty of fascinating sports events today, so that’s why this challenge is all about sports betting. We’re looking for the risk-takers here, specifically: how many selections do you dare to string into one multi bet? Just browse our offer of today’s events, accumulate selections with odds of at least @1.10 into a multi bet and wager at least €1. That’s it! Whoever wins the multi bet with the most selections wins 250 points. How much risk are you willing to take for your Golden December points?

Virtual sports

Time to shine a light on our virtual sports offer! As a sports bettor, you’ve no doubt already have found your way around this virtual environment, as it functions basically the same as our regular sports betting offer. There is one big difference, though: the results of all the games here are procedurally generated by the system. In this game of chance version of sports, you can’t let your sports knowledge guide you! Luckily, winning points here is very straightforward: get 50 points for every €10 played (max 500 points).

Keep going!

Are you still in the running for a better place in the ranking than the one you’re occupying at the moment? There are thousands of Golden December points to win this week, so keep pushing yourself so you can take home that prize you’ve been eyeing all month! It’s important to carefully read the Golden December terms and conditions, so you know the right way to participate in each challenge. If you hadn’t registered before, you can still do so to start your very own Golden December. Ready to win?

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