Spotlight on Cosmigon



Airdice is pushing the limits of the strategic dice game genre once again! Here at, you can now enjoy this dice game provider’s latest strategic dice game, Cosmigon.

Prepare yourself for a journey to every corner of the strategic dice game genre. Will you take this cosmic challenge and become the first big winner on this brand-new strategic dice game?

Cosmigon is a strategic dice game of cosmic proportions! The game literally breaks out of the square cage to which dice games had been bound to for too long. Step into the cosmigon now for your biggest wins! As a strategic dice game, Cosmigon allows you to develop your own strategies according to your player level. If you’re a new player just joining the fun at, you can try and aim for the creation of the symbols that occur the most. This will relatively quickly get you a small win already.

Seasoned professionals, though, know that there’s more money to be made by going for the more valuable symbols that don’t occur that often. One of these rare symbols is the bonus symbol. If you manage to create a horizontal or diagonal winning line with one of these symbols, you will take a trip to the bonus game. In this novel feature, you are presented a path to great prizes including the priceless mystery games. You get 5 virtual dice rolls to determine how far you get.

There are extra dice rolls, spins at the bonus wheel, and mystery games to win, on top of the number of point on which you land. The luckiest of the lucky make it all the way to the end of the cosmic path, where no less than 25 mystery games await you! These mystery games will turn any win in the regular paid game of at least 100 points in to a win that’s worth 1,000 points. That’s the way to win! Don’t wait any longer and register now to become a legend at with your big win!

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