Spotlight on Infinity Dice


Strategic dice game Infinity Dice has been among our most popular games for years, and scores of players have had their biggest successes on this game. Created by famed provider Airdice, the game was launched a few years back, so if you’re into strategic dice games, you’ve surely come across this gem already. There are a few obvious reasons for its popularity, but it takes more than these to explain why the game made such enormous waves in the community ever since we launched it…

The gameplay style

When you open the game for a first time, you’ll be amazed how simple Infinity Dice is to navigate and play. Simply check your stake and start playing! You can use your own strategy to get to the victory you’re looking for: just use all 4 slots optimally to plan ahead. When you’re unsure how to proceed, just let the hints and autoplay guide you! A little Infinity Dice pro tip: reserve 1 slot for bonus symbols, and see how far that gets you. You’ll be surprised to make it to the bonus game before you know it!

The bonus game

All you need to trigger the bonus game, is 3 infinity bonus symbols. These special symbols come along regularly enough to make chasing them a worthwhile and potentially rewarding endeavour to direct your attention towards. Once you’ve entered the bonus game, you’ll find yourself at the most mathematically marvellous bonus wheel you’ve ever seen! Take this infinity symbol for a spin and win one of its many prizes: cash, points or… The coveted 15 mystery games that make the game such a rush!

Mystery games

Mystery games are what really draw people to Infinity Dice. If you’ve never had the chance to play a mystery game, it’s not as big a mystery as the name might have you believe. Mystery games are simply regular turns where you get the maximum prize for any number of points that would otherwise pay out a win. In short, the mystery is in the thrill of discovering when you get the biggest prize for your stake. Infinity Dice has no less than 15 of these rewarding games to win in its bonus game. Who could resist?

If you want to try out Infinity Dice yourself, you can do so for free, thanks to our welcome bonus of €5 for new registrations. We reward first deposits with a bonus too: get up to 100% the amount of you first deposit. You can get up to €250 in bonus this way! That’s more than enough to play Infinity Dice for real. The mystery games await you!

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