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Do you remember that old game Minesweeper from way back when? Then you surely have fond memories now of clearing the whole minefield after careful consideration not to click on any mines. But did you know that Golden Palace has a casino skill game version of this classic computer game?

In Mines, by provider Betsolutions, you’re find yourself in front of a minefield. How much do you bet on clearing the field without uncovering any mines? This spine-tingling experience can be very rewarding if you make the right choices. Discover Mines now and become a winner on this skill game!

Clear the minefield and win

In Mines, you’re presented with a grid of 5 by 5 squares. Your goal is to avoid clicking the hidden mines. The more safe squares you click away, the bigger your reward will be. You can cash out after every safe symbol you discover, but as soon as you hit a mine, all your progress is lost! How far do you dare to go for your big win? Do you cash out after one safe click, or do you risk it all to go for the increasing wins?

Unrivaled skill game action

You can play Mines in many different ways. As discussed before, you can choose to quit or continue at any point. Another dimension of excitement that the game offers, is the number of mines. You can set any number of mines from 1 to 24. The more mines, the riskier the operation becomes. If you set the mines to 24, that means that you have exactly 1 chance to win your stake over 23 times. Worth the risk!

More skill games by Betsolutions

Mines is just one of the many skill games by Betsolutions that bring a real sense of danger and risk to your online gaming experience. With games like Zeppelin, Plinko, Dice and Hi Low, Betsolutions offers many games that combine skill, strategy, risk management and free choice into a thrilling package. Curious to see how many mines you can avoid on your way to big wins? Register now and go for it!

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