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Hardcore fans of “real” football may scoff at those men in helmets and body armour slamming into each other, but anyone who knows sports, also knows that American football is serious business. It’s a mix of football and rugby reinforced with solid strategy, offensive and defensive wits, and raw power.

The culmination of the NFL, the most prestigious American football league, draws millions of people around the world to their television screens: it’s time for Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! This season around, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet the Kansas City Chiefs. Place your winning bet now!

American football

Most people outside of the United States only get excited about American football once a year. Now that that moment – the Super Bowl LV – is upon us this weekend, it’s time to brush up on our base knowledge of the sport. That way, we can avoid rookie mistakes when placing a bet on this Super Bowl.

American football is played in waves of offence and defence that are defined by downs – when the football hits the field. Downs are played in rushes to gain a field advantage, and the ultimate goal is to score a touchdown – downing the football behind the goal line of the opposing team.

Plays start with a scrimmage line that pits the 11 players of each team against each other. From there, the team on offence can attempt to rush forward as far as possible. A combination of all roles is needed to win, but the most important player on either team is the quarterback, who directs plays on the field.

At Golden Palace, we offer hundreds of options across all aspects of the game, so it’s important to do some research before you start betting to win. Knowing each player’s role, position, and form is key if you’re going to place a bet on anything beyond the standard 1X2. That’s where the real excitement is!

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chief versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Normally, the number of live spectators casually passes the 100,000 threshold, but due to the ongoing health crisis, a limited attendance of some 25,000 will be allowed. That won’t stop the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from giving it their all. This game will definitely not lack in intensity!

The Kansas City Chiefs are present for a fourth time, last appearing – and winning – in last year’s edition. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers only made it to the party for a second time in their history, after an absence of 18 years. The game itself will be played in the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

This 55th edition of the Super Bowl, the final of the NFL season, pits living legend Tom Brady (now playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) against up-and-coming great Patrick Mahomes. In recent years, Mahomes has made a name for himself by leading Kansas City to the Super Bowl twice in a row.

On their way to the Super Bowl, the Chiefs steamrolled past many tough obstacles. The team from Kansas City racked up a 14-2 finish, interestingly beating even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a 27-24 scoreline earlier this season. If they win again on Sunday, they’ll be back-to-back Super Bowl winners.

A €10 bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl is going @1.60 at the moment!

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Not that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be pushed aside so easily, of course. Since attracting Tom Brady – arguably the best quarterback in the history of the sport, even at 43 – the Bucs have made enormous strides. Their season record (11-5) doesn’t suggest absolute domination, but they’ve got what it takes.

Tom Brady’s still got it: bet on a record seventh Super Bowl victory for his team @2.46!

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

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