Super win on Spirit Sisters: €27,990!


Our dice game selection has a loyal fanbase, with players who’ve been with us from the start to new players who immediately found their way. Today, we celebrate one of our players, kornlover, who managed to win a total amount of €27,990 in a super lucky session. This happened on Friday, March 13th, no longer a day of bad luck for kornlover. Well played!

Spirit Sisters

Spirit Sisters, by famed dice game provider Air Dice, launches the player into an epic adventure where two heroines help humanity fend off an alien attack. With the combined powers of fire and ice, the Spirit Sisters will help you along the way to victory over humanity’s alien enemies! Will you take up the fight? Pick your strategy and go for it!

Strategic dice adventure

As Spirit Sisters is a strategic dice game, you can take a specific role in the war against the aliens. Are you more of a defensive player? Then you can focus on the symbols that appear more and are therefore more likely to give a quick and small payout. Attackers, on the other hand, can hunt more aggressively for the bigger scoring symbols. Everyone plays it their way!

€27,990 win by kornlover!

The Spirit Sister surely were on the side of our player kornlover last Friday, March 13. In a wild session, kornlover managed to hit it big, winning several thousands time and time again. When the fight with the aliens was over, kornlover had no less than €27,990 extra on his player account. We believe that he will no longer refer to Friday the 13th as a day of bad luck!

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