The €100,000 Challenge is back, answer 6 questions now to win €100,000!


The concept is simple: answer 6 questions about the next football season and you could win €100,000!

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When we did the €100,000 Challenge last year one player got very close to winning it all with 5 out of 6 correct answers. This year we’re back to give everyone another go! 

While last year’s contest was about the results of STVV which was making its return to the Jupiler Pro League and as such was a wild card, this year is about the Jupiler Pro League in general. Who will end first? Who will end last? You decide!

That’s not all that has changed though. This time we are guaranteeing €10,000 which we will divide among all players who have the most answers correct. So even if no one manages to get all 6 questions correct, there is still €10,000 at stake, while €100,000 remains available for the player who manages to predict every question correctly!

Participation requires you to have an account on If you are a new player you will even receive a €5 welcome bonus to try our sports betting and casino offer for free!

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