9 games to win big at Goldenpalace.be

6 March 2023

In 2 months, Goldenpalace.be has already allowed several players to win sums over €10,000€. We present you these games which brought back big at the beginning of the year. Let's see the games that are part of our top 9, ranked by winnings, and let's start with the one that made the most big winners in 2023.

Top 9

1. Infinity Dice

Infinity Dice

This game got one of our players off to a great start this year: €13,800 in his pocket on January 2. This dice game allows you to win up to 15 mystery games in the bonus game. More recently, in early February, a lucky player won €12,100 on the same game. And every month, several players win big with Infinity Dice.

2. Spirit Sisters

Spirit Sisters

This dice game from Air Dice gave one of our players a €17,000 payout! He may have found his fortune on this game that offers up to 30 mystery games and a Jackpot! Check out what these Spirit Sisters have to offer!

3. Always Hot Cubes

Always Hot Cubes

Winning €14,115 on this dice slot game is possible. It happened to one of our players on February 6 this year. In this very simple game, you may be lucky enough to have 3 hot cubes to win. How would you like to get hot with Always Hot Cubes?

4. Robo Santas Corp

Robo Santas Corp

With multipliers in every game, and Santa's gifts pouring in, you can win big. One player took advantage of this last week with a win of €13,961.14. Enough to believe in Santa again. Now it's your turn to test Robo Santas Corp!

5. Wild Jack

Wild Jack

Seeing your winnings climb to €13,200 is a nice surprise. And that's what one of our players saw in mid-February on this 3-reel dice game with a country feel. You don't have to go to the Wild West to win! Just go out and conquer Wild Jack.

6. Stunning Hot 20 Delux

Stunning Hot 20 Deluxe

The fruity and colorful world of this 5-reel game brought luck to a player in early January. He collected €12,128.10 in his basket. How about a big win in early March? Try your luck on Stunning Hot 20 Delux.

7. 40 King

40 king

Who doesn't dream of being the lucky King? In any case, with this game you can, for example, pocket €10,810.35. One of our players did it, why not you? This game features a turbo game, 40 fixed lines, lined up symbols of Kings or Stars that make your winnings explode. 40 lines, 40 Kings. You don't have to look any further, you have to play. Onward to 40 King.

8. Pure


A mini pot, a jackpot, and a big jackpot, it doesn't take much more to increase your chances of winning. On this game, one of our lucky players won €10,450 in late January. In a soft, soothing blue world, you can win big and explode with joy on Pure.

9. Sweet Bonanza Dice

Sweet Bonanza Dice

In this candy-colored game, random multipliers allow you to win 1,000 times your bet! Maybe that's the chance that fell to our player who won €10,118.90 at the end of his game on February 15. Check it out at Sweet Bonanza Dice.

Our casino tournaments: a way to win even more

On a regular basis, at Goldenpalace.be, we organize online gaming tournaments. The principle is often the following: you have to play on a series of predefined games from one of our suppliers (ex: Fazi, Betsoft...). We record your results, and you get a place in a ranking. The top 5 or 10 players, for example, will receive a share of the prize pool. The prize pool can reach several thousand euros! If you're at the top of the leaderboard, you get the biggest prize pool, which can be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on our casino tournaments.