The Goonies Return with even crazier features!


The Goonies Return is the sequel to the popular 2019 Goonies slot, which is famous for its many crazy features. The sequel takes you on an even wilder ride and increases the maximum win to a gigantic 50,000 times your bet!

The Goonies Return at a glance

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • 20 pay lines
  • Volatility: 3 out of 5
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Bonus symbol: One-Eyed Willy
  • Many, many features
  • Bet range: €0.10 - €500
  • The famous movie come to life

A game packed full of action

Visually speaking, The Goonies Return does not immediately appear like an out-of-the-ordinary game, but this changes very quickly. This Blueprint slot features many, many animations, cut scenes and even action commentary. Fans of The Goonies movies will quickly recognize their favourite characters and notice many references. Even if you’re not familiar with the movies, however, you will be sure to appreciate the dynamic action that constantly takes place.

One-Eyed Willy’s Key of Plenty

One-Eyed Willy’s Key of Plenty Feature can randomly appear trigger at the end of each spin, activating one of many possible effects. Some examples include:

  • Extra Wilds or Bonus symbols being added to the game field
  • The appearance of Data, who will make two reels synchronized, which means they will have the same symbols
  • Respins triggering
  • A spin that will result in a guaranteed big win
  • Losing spins turned into winning spins through a variety of effects

Spin the wheel to activate one of 5 bonuses

When at least 3 One-Eyed Willy symbols appear on the field, you will get to spin the bonus wheel, which will result in triggering one of no less than 5 (!) different bonuses. Some bonuses give free spins with varied effects, while others give multipliers and more. But why limit yourself to just one bonus? One of the many outcomes of these lucrative features is that you can simply continue your adventure in one of the other bonuses!

One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus

As lucrative as the previously discussed bonuses are, One-Eyed Willy Riches rules them all. There are roughly 3 ways to trigger this bonus:

  • When you trigger the bonus with 5 One-Eyed Willy bonus symbols rather than three or four symbols.
  • By taking risks while spinning the bonus wheel.
  • As an outcome of one of the other bonuses.

There is a lot going on in the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus, but at its core, it is an ever-increasing win multiplier that only ends when you run into a booby trap. Along the way, you will also see many Goonies characters, all helping you achieve higher winnings in their own ways!

The Goonies Return

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