Try the games of our new provider Spinomenal

9 September 2022

As the world of online casino gaming evolves, so do we. That’s why you’ll always find the greatest offer on! Today, we can proudly announce the arrival of another awesome game provider. Say hello to Spinomenal! If you hadn’t seen the Spinomenal games before, we’ll tip you some of their most interesting games here. Don’t miss out, discover them now, and win big!

  • Egyptian theme
  • 1 reel
  • Progressive symbol wins
  • Wild symbols
  • Betting range: €0.10 - €200
  • Desktop and mobile
1 Reel Egypt Dice

Think you can’t really do a casino dice game with just one reel? Think again! Spinomenal brings us 1 Reel Egypt, a peculiar dice game that, as the title suggests, only has a single reel. That means that there’s only a single winning line, too! Don’t worry, you can still win big here. Each time you hit a symbol, your win counter goes up. You could win all the way up to €500 this way, as long as you avoid the snake symbol that erases your progress. Check out 1 Reel Egypt for its strategic element!

  • Joker theme
  • 5 reels of 4 dice
  • Up to 100 winning lines
  • Scatters and stacked wilds
  • Betting range: €0.10 - €200
  • Desktop and mobile
Joker Madness - Dice

Looking for a game that is a little less innovative than 1 Reel Egypt, but still engaging enough thanks to its familiar style? Then we recommend you Joker Madness. This game by Spinomenal has familiar casino symbols like sevens and bells, as well as a helpful amount of scatters. In Joker Madness, all wilds come stacked: the reels have in fact huge symbols 4 dice high. If these wilds, symbolized by the joker figure, line up perfectly across the 5 reels, then you win 1,000 times your stake!

  • Tennis theme
  • 5 reels of 3 to 4 symbols
  • 30 winning lines
  • Scatters and wilds
  • Betting range: €0.30 - €180
  • Desktop and mobile
Tennis Champion - Dice

If you are the sportive type, and you want your casino gaming experience to reflect this attitude, then Tennis Champion is the game for you. Get ready to launch your tennis career here! Tennis Champion is a casino dice game with has 3 symbols on its 2 outer reels, but 4 on its 3 inner reels. This means that you can win across interesting lines. If you’re lucky enough, you could even win the grand slam in this Spinomenal game: your total bet could be multiplied by 1,000. Go for it now!