Turkish GP F1 and Nations League finals: bet now


With the Turkish Grand Prix in Formula 1 and the third-place game and final in the Nations League, there’s plenty of excitement for all types of sports bettors out there this weekend! Let’s take a look at the events this weekend and see if we can make some money with smart bets, shall we?

Turkish Grand Prix

Known for its action that has pushed championship races in final directions in the past, the Turkish Grand Prix at the Istanbul Park track is a nerve-racking affair for drivers, constructors and fans alike! This Sunday, we’ll see if Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) can win just like he did last year. As has always been the case this Formula 1 season, Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing-Honda) will be on the prowl for another victory with final hopes of winning the championship. It’s still in the cards and it’s all to race for!

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Nations League finals: Italy – Belgium and Spain – France

The die is cast: the Nations League finals are known after the games on Wednesday and Thursday. Italy lost 1-2 to a strong Spain in the first semi-final, and despite one of the best first halves we’ve seen from against a formidable opponent, Belgium sadly lost after France forced a comeback to finish 2-3 on Thursday. That makes the third-place game Italy – Belgium, a copy of the Euro quarter-final. Can Belgium find some vindication here? A victory against the European champion would be well deserved!

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The true final will also be played this Sunday between Spain and France. The two big neighbours have plenty of prizes between them: 3 World Cups and 5 European Cups in total. All that remains to be won is a Nations League trophy, so this will be a game for the ages either way! We can look forward to a fierce spectacle where both teams will want to dictate the flow of the game. This could lead to unpredictable results, with plenty of chances for both teams. Can you predict an outcome here?

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