Virtual sports in the spotlight

18 May 2022

Virtual sports may be a niche market, but it’s one that has enormous potential for huge wins. For starters, you can play any time you want and have a result (and your big win that goes along with that!) within minutes. And right after, you can start it all again without even having to wait for a new event! This way, you can always bet on sports at, 24/7. Discover it now!

Always there for you

As summer is approaching, real-life sports competitions such as the NBA or the Premier League are wrapping up. Thanks to our virtual sports offer, your betting activities don’t have to slow down! We have virtual sports events on offer around the clock, 24/7. Just place your bets, wait just 3,5 minutes for the results of the event on which you’ve bet, and you can start right again. The fun never ends!


All your favourite sports

What’s your favourite sport to bet on? If it’s football, then our virtual sports offer has everything you need! There’s an English league, a German league, and even a champion’s league and an international league. Then there’s basketball, tennis, dog and horse racing, motorsports, and table tennis. All of that in smooth computer-generated visuals to give it a touch of reality: virtual has it all.


All the same rules

If you know your way around the interface of our real-life sportsbook, then virtual sports will be a piece of cake for you! In this virtual environment, the results may be procedurally generated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all as random as a dice roll. Just as in real life, surprises can happen, underdogs can win from behind, and you can win big with some lucky virtual bets. Go for it now!

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