Weekend events: Darts Masters 2021 and World Championship Cyclo-cross 2021


You know you can count on it: Golden Palace will always put underline the importance of its diverse betting offer by shining a light on events that others neglect. Football bets? Everyone offers them. Sometimes, though, the best odds are found in sports that you wouldn’t consider otherwise.

This weekend, the world prepares for 2 important sports events that you have to follow for your winning bets. From tomorrow evening, you can bet on the Darts Masters tournament. Saturday and Sunday, we have the World Championship Cyclo-cross. Let’s look at some possibly winning predictions.

Darts Masters (Friday, January 29 – Sunday, January 31)

Darts may not be the first sports discipline to which your mind goes when you think about sports betting, but there’s as much value here as in the more well-known sports. From tomorrow evening, the world’s best darts players convene in the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, England. Dutchman Michael van Gerwen had dominated the event for many years, but he succumbed early in last years’s edition.

With Dimitri Van den Bergh, Belgium has a strong presence on the world stage in the sport of darts these days. Our compatriot is among the best of his generation worldwide. Starting his Darts Masters tournament run tomorrow evening, he’s ready to prove his strong from with credible ambitions for a formidable run here. Betting on a top 2 finish for Dancing Dimi gets you @8.60 at the moment!

A €10 bet on Michael van Gerwen to win once more could mean a €34 payout!

Dimitri Van den Bergh to win his first game is a great addition to any multi bet @1.40!

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Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

World Championship Cyclo-cross (Saturday, January 30 – Sunday, January 31)

With the World Championship Cyclo-cross, cycling enthusiasts will keep their eyes fixed on Ostend, Belgium, this weekend. The world’s best cyclo-crossers will compete against each other and the elements on a gruesome course that includes grass, cinder, sand, bridges, and just a few stretches of solid asphalt to catch a breath. Plenty of spectacle lies ahead as the world’s best take on the challenge!

In the women’s field, the Dutch are dominating this year. Our Belgian cyclo-cross pride Sanne Cant is only sixth in line for the title, with odds @25.00 – incredibly steep considered against Dutch shoe-in for the title Lucinda Brand’s @1.70. Still, a surprise is always in the cards in a cycling discipline that’s as eventful as cyclo-cross. Rising star Ceylin Alvarado is also worth a bet here, as she’s second, odds-wise.

Sunday afternoon, it’s the men’s turn to chew the harsh course. Here, Belgian Wout van Aert has a serious claim to the world championship title, despite having shifting from cyclo-cross to road cycling in recent years. His teammate and occasional rival, Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel, is in pole position for the title, though. Again: anything can happen, so don’t count out underdogs like Eli Yserbyt @15.00.

Ceylin Alvarado to beat Brand to become world champion is worth a shot at @3.50!

Wout van Aert isn’t done with cyclo-cross just yet: try a victory for the Belgian @2.50!

Bet on the World Championship Cyclo-cross 2021 now!

Please note that the odds above may have changed between the moment we publish this article and the moment you connect to our online sports betting application.

Many other sports events in store

If you want excitement in your sports bets, it’s time to diversify and discover new horizons. Start with darts and cyclo-cross and you might end up becoming a pro here! Dive even deeper into our extensive betting offer, and you’ll find some of the greatest odds out there on sports you hadn’t considered before. Can you find the sport and the event with the right odds for you? Register now and go for it!

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