Weekly casino winner July 9: abylee makes thousands on our strategic dice games!


As we kick off a new week, we take a look over our shoulders to celebrate our biggest winners. And do we ever have a big winner this week! Our player abylee towered above all other players with his winnings from over the course of last week. Playing our strategic dice games, our player finished with €28,807.25 in net winnings!

That’s quite a feat abylee managed to pull off! To manage this, our player had several lucky streaks on the strategic dice games from provider Airdice. When the week was over, he was almost 30K ahead! Let’s take a look at the games abylee played to learn how we can make the most of our spins...

Among the many games abylee played and won big on, we find Spirit Sisters, where our player had 2 separate lucky sessions of €1,625 and €1,875. His luck continued, with beautiful amounts won on Infinity Dice, with €2,700 and €3,125 the most eye-catching. Finally, abylee’s biggest single winning session of the week happened on golden oldie 24K, where our player made a solid €7,075!

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