Weekly casino winners August 21: our top two alone gathers more than 70K!


What a lucrative week once more for our luckiest players! We have two players to put in the spotlight this week, and between the two of them, there’s over €70,000 in net winnings made. Meet Jellisa and Ronald011, as we find out how they had a blast last week that ended in tens of thousands of euros to their accounts!

Let’s start with Jellisa. Last week, her exploits in our live casino won her almost €70,000, now she’s back with €38,860 in profits. Once more, our player made her small fortune in our live casino, where she mixed up her blackjack skills from last week with some lucky sessions at the roulette tables.

Included in her winning sessions was a streak of €30,000 in under two hours! This only goes to show that there are a lot of potential winnings when you play patiently and sensibly at the same table, all the while keeping track of your past moves. That way, you not only have a better grip on your game, you also increase the live experience!

Our second winner of the week is Ronald011, with €34,058 in his pocket by the end of last week. Ronald011 also made these net winnings in our live casino through several lucky streaks that included sessions of €7,019, €7,986 and finally, and impressive session win of €10,665.

The game of choice for Ronald011 was live roulette, and again our player shows us that it’s possible to have weeks with 5 digit winnings if you know what you’re doing at the roulette tables. Roulette can be deceptively simple – a question of red or black, or odd or even – but if you study the game, develop a strategy, and get a helping hand from Lady Luck, there could be lots of money in it!

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