Weekly casino winners August 28: another round of big successes in our live casino!


With our top players once more getting their dizzying wins while playing at our live casino tables, it seems that our live casino is the place to be if you’re looking for big wins. As has been regularly the case over these last few summer weeks, our winners made some impressive net profit with lucky plays at our live casino tables. Our top two made over €50,000 this way!

Taking the lead with last week’s winning, we find player Russell. Our player managed a net win of close to €30,000 over the past week, with a baffling live casino session in which he gained €22,500 early on. Not content, he supplemented this huge win with smaller, 4 digit wins on slot games. As Russell shows here, it can be highly rewarding to spend some time finding new games to get lucky on, even if you’ve already won a substantial sum!

Next up, we welcome Jellisa for her third consecutive appearance, as she once again makes our headlines with her second place this week. This time around, she managed to make €22,600 in one session with her live casino activities. There seems to be no end to Jellisa’s luck at our tables! Who knows, maybe we’ll see her again next week?

If you’d like to beat Jellisa to the top of our players list, you can try your exquisite live casino yourself! If you haven’t registered yet, you can even try it out for free: every new player gets a €5 welcome bonus. Make sure to also check out our first deposit offer before making that deposit: you can get a bonus of 100% your deposited amount, thanks to bonus code GP500. That’s up to €500 extra, on the house!

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