Weekly casino winners February 12th: our top 3 players take home over €30,000!


As a popular destination for online casino gaming as well as live casino, goldenpalace.be sees big wins on a regular basis. It’s time to shine a light on the lucky players who made small fortunes over the last week!

Laurentlea impressed with €13,035 in net winnings last week, with several winning sessions on Air Dice games. Spirit Sisters, our latest Air Dice addition, was the main contribution to his winnings, with a solid €4,575 won in one session. Other notable wins of Laurentlea include €3,600 on Pure, and €3,000 on Infinity Dice. Many of these Air Dice games, such as Pure and Infinity Dice, are jackpot games, so there’s always that change of a sudden huge win!

Playing in our live casino gives all the excitement of a physical casino, from the comfort of your home! Up against live dealers and other players is where some of our best player excel. One such player is Jellisa, who came close to netting €10,000 on our live casino last week! Her winning plays for a week worth remembering included winning streaks of €3,190, €3,000 and €2,520. Jellisa’s total winnings added up to €9,449. Nicely done!

Tibomati made his week worthwhile with some winning plays on live casino, too. In just three sessions last week, our player managed straight wins of €1,000, €2,250 and €5,200. That’s a grand total of €8,450 made in three days! Congratulations, Tibomati!

Feel like joining our club of big winners? You could very well be next to feature on or list or in our articles! Register now if you haven’t done so yet, it’s worth your while: there’s a welcome bonus of €5, and a first deposit bonus of up to €500 thanks to bonus code GP500. Go for it!

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