Weekly casino winners June 11: Roulette Master delivers stunning payout for sarah85!


Most players have their favourite games. Regardless if you’re into no-nonsense strategic dice games, whimsical slot games, or realistic casino games, goldenpalace.be has it all! We’re pretty sure that sarah85 found her favourite game in Roulette Master. She made a stunning net win of €35,750 over the course of last week!

Roulette Master is a great alternative for roulette fans who want some more time to really dig into the details of the game. As opposed to our popular live roulette tables, Roulette Master is played only by the player, and as such there’s no timer prompting you to make a decision. Take your time to study the game’s statistics library, with cold maps and heat maps, recent wins history and much more at your disposal!

sarah85 must be the master of roulette that the game title refers to: playing the same game, she made our winners news a few weeks back with another enormous net win of €25,000. But this time, her win is even more impressive. With several winning sessions of 4 digits our player ended up with a jaw-dropping net win of €35,750!

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