Weekly Casino Winners: momobreak wins almost €50,000 on live roulette!


You know we like to put the spotlight on our most remarkably winning players every week here at goldenpalace.be, but just wait until you hear about momobreak’s big win. Playing our popular live casino tables, he made almost €50,000 in winnings over the last week!

Our live casino offers blackjack tables, roulette tables, casino poker tables and baccarat tables, all with professional live dealers. The popularity of this wide range of options of casinos all over the world from the comfort of your home is obvious, as live casino wins have routinely figured in our weekly winners news.

But momobreak’s big win is certainly one for the records. Over the course of last week, our player had several big winning streaks. At the end, he came out with a stupefying €49,542 in net winnings, thanks to some sharp plays, calculated risks, and sheer luck on live roulette. Congratulations, momobreak, well done!

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