Weekly casino winners October 1: over 40K won in an extraordinarily rewarding week!


Our weekly casino winners had the time of their lives last week at goldenpalace.be, as they ended the week with spectacular wins on their accounts. Together, our top three players made off with over €40,000! Let’s take a closer look at these lucky players and how they pulled it off…

With a few thousand ahead of the competition this week, we have a clear winner in virelee. With clever betting in our live casino, virelee managed to amass a small fortune of €17,027. Besides several respectable wins of hundreds of euros and a few in the thousands (€2,010 and €1,010 respectively), our player had the luck of his life with a win of €10,805 with one session on our very own live roulette wheel. Well done, virelee!

Next up, we find player minimimi21, with a dazzling win of €13,147.02. This player made her win on a game that hadn’t featured in our reports for a while: 24K! The classic strategic dice game that’s all about gold now surely holds a special place in minimimi21’s heart. We just know that mystery games had something to do with it too!

Another mystery game win that managed to impress us happened on another strategic dice game that can even routinely outperform 24K. Of course we’re talking about Infinity Dice, where the mystery games helped our player Gizmo11 to a net win of close to €10,000! Our player made €9,990.75 in one session, marking the end of an extraordinary week for Gizmo111 at goldenpalace.be.

Impressed by these wins, and wishing you could be that lucky too? Here’s your chance: register now and you can try for free with our welcome bonus of €5. When you’re ready to deposit, we have another gift for you in store: any amount you deposit will be doubled, for a bonus amount of up to €500 (bonus code: GP500). Ready to try your luck?

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