Weekly casino winners October 8: virelee and nidugg crush roulette tables for over 50K


Our two biggest winners of the week both crushed it at the roulette tables, but had a very separate approach in doing so. Read on to find out how virelee and nidugg made over €50,000 in net winnings!

Last week’s biggest winner on goldenpalace.be was virelee, who won no less than €31,689 playing on our live casino. Most of her winnings came from the roulette tables, to which she is no stranger: after all, virelee was already on top of last week’s winners report by winning over €17,000!

The other big winner of last week was nidugg, who managed a net win of €22,660. nidugg also took to the roulette tables, but instead of visiting our live casino she instead chose to play Midnight Wheel. While Midnight Wheel has realistic graphics to make you feel as if you were in a real casino, it is an automated game without dealers which allows you to play at your own pace.

Do you prefer the excitement of the live casino where you use real time observations to make the best move? Or the relaxing atmosphere of our other roulette games like Midnight Wheel, where statistics can help you formulate your strategy? Why not try them both with our €5 welcome bonus for new accounts? And if you have yet to make your first deposit, you can use the code GP500 and we’ll double it to give you up to €500 bonus money!

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