Weekly casino winners September 11: our top three totaled over 23K!


Last week proved to be highly successful for our top 3 players: they made well over 23K in net wins for a well-spent weekend! With a mix of everything goldenpalace.be has to offer, our celebrated players managed to put some extra money in their bank accounts. Wonder how they pulled it off? Read on to find out!

Our first winner this week is Jurgen7, who made his fortune with just one session! He clocked in at the end of the week at a whopping €8,349.07 in net winnings – almost all of which occurred in an extremely lucky session on Airdice’s strategic dice game Pure. It’s not the first time that Pure features so prominently in our casino winners news, but a win of €8,320.01 in one session is still something worth writing about! And you guessed it: mystery games were key to Jurgen7’s big break!

Next up, we find Ronald011, who had the time of his life in our online live casino! Enjoying the company of our charming and professional live dealers, our player made several big wins over the last week, with one particular win catching our eyes: a live casino roulette session in which he ended up with a net win of €5,585! This, along with more modest wins, made Ronald011’s week as he packed €7,959 in total net winnings.

Last but certainly not least, we have Priscilla2018, who proves that you can be highly successful on both casino and sports betting. Indeed, this player features in both news reports in the very same week! She made a not to be sneezed at net win of €5,820 on casino, but did even better on sports betting! You can read more on her sports betting exploits here.

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