Weekly casino winners September 18: 5 digit wins for each of our top 3 players!


Plenty of players made remarkable wins of several hundreds or even thousands of euros over the last week at goldenpalace.be. Congratulations to everyone! We take another closer look at how our top 3 players managed to add some real money to their bank account. The full top 3 made 5 digit wins last week!

We start off with player virelee, who made a small fortune in our live casino. With its numerous choices of casinos, games and tables from all over the world, goldenpalace.be’s live offer keeps gaining in popularity, so it’s not hard to see why it pops up in our report so often. With a single midweek session in our live casino, virelee managed a net win of €13,000. This incredible one-session win definitely made our player’s weekend!

Our second player, nidugg, also made more than €10,000 with her sessions this past week at goldenpalace.be. To be more precise, she made a net total of €12,725.10, most of it on the strategic dice games from provider Airdice. Cleverly making use of the strategic element that these games offer, our player made plenty of big wins, with one single win of €4,100 on Pure, a popular choice for strategic dice game fans, which also featured here last week.

Finally, we have our player zimzim, who had the same plan as nidugg: he too made his biggest win on strategic dice game Pure! He made €7,017.50 in one session, for a total of €10,296 in net winnings over the last week. It’s easy to see why the players flock to these games. The fact that you have some control over your chances of winning is one main factor, as are the highly rewarding mystery games that can be won.

Did you know that mystery games pay out the maximum win for your stake as long as you get at least 100 points? We’ll give you the chance to maybe find out for yourself, for free: register now for a €5 welcome bonus! When you make a first deposit, we’ll double your amount with a 100% of the deposited amount, up to €500. Start today!

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