Weekly Winners: our top three winners this week are aicirtap50, Michael9 & Dounia1040!


With smart plays on football, basketball and tennis this week, our players showed us how we can enhance our own skills and collect some big bucks!

Bet small and win big thanks to juicy tennis accumulators!

Up first this week is aicirtap50, who made €15,000 with thanks to a range of winning bets on the Hopman Cup!
If there’s one thing the New Year is associated with in Perth, Australia, it’s the Hopman Cup. The one-of-a-kind team tournament sees men and women competing together and was the perfect way to kick start the 2019 tennis season. Up stepped our player aicirtap50, who made substantial gains with small multi bet plays. A 4-selection multi bet that included 3 Hopman Cup ties, including Great Britain to beat USA (@3.65), and a bet on a ‘draw’ result between football matchup Villarreal and Real Madrid (@4.05) helped return our player €592 from a €7 bet! Another cracking 4-selection multi bet that included Greece to beat Switzerland and Great Britain to beat USA gave our player average odds @3.17 and returned €915 from just a €9 bet! With the Australian Open about to kick off next week, our player proved the profits available on the tennis market!

Points spread betting helps player win almost €8.000 on the NBA!

Our second winner is Michael9, who secured some massive payouts thanks to betting on the NBA!
There’s a huge variety of special bets in basketball, concerning not only the score, but also the points totals (even within quarters) and much more. The NBA matchup between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the LA Lakers gave our player a chance to show off his knowledge as he placed a a bet on Timberwolves Points Spread (-12.5) @3.35. With the Lakers missing their star man LeBron James due to injury, our player saw the odds of a big Timberwolves win increase, especially with the form of Karl-Anthony Towns. The big man notched 28-points as the Timberwolves came out on top 108:86 (22 points). A similar strategy saw our player place a bet Washington Wizards Points Spread (-10.5) against the Atlanta Hawks @2.90. The Wizards would go on to win 114:98 (16 points) and helped Michael9 on his way to €7,911 in total winnings!

Learn how to use ‘Cash Out’ betting weapon to your advantage!

Our third player is Dounia1040, who showcased the advantage of the cash out option to secure €6,457 in total profits!
Thanks to the increased availability of mobile internet, the ‘Cash Out’ option gives you the opportunity to either lock in a profit or to cut your losses at the end of your fingertips. A 6-match multi bet selection which originally would have returned our player 16 times his original stake was saved by the cash out option. Our player had secured 5 out of 6 correct selections including wins for Manchester United (versus Cardiff City) and Liverpool (versus Wolves). Dounia1040 had included a victory for Real Madrid in their away tie against Villarreal in La Liga. But with Real Madrid out of sorts and inconsistent lately, our player sensed danger and decided to cash out before the game kicked off. This proved to be a brilliant decision as Real Madrid drew 2-2 with Villarreal. Instead of returning nothing, our player still came out with 7.5 times his original stake to show the major upside of using the ‘Cash Out’ option!
And last but certainly not least, we would like to congratulate dynamoliege who managed to turn just a €1 bet into a €512 return thanks to the Hopman Cup! A 6-selection multi bet included wins for Great Britain (versus USA) and Greece (versus Switzerland) with average odds @2.86. What a result!

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