Weekly Winners: our top three winners this week are LC100, Rose1910 & Adibou!


With big betting moves made on football this week, our players showcased their winning betting strategies in the best way possible!

Manchester Derby helps player on the way to €5,300!

Our first winner is LC100, who found excellent betting value on home team favourites in various football competitions!
Successful players are the ones who find and patiently bet on value bets and couple that with a staking plan that makes the most of the value identified. One obvious fact in football is that teams generally tend to perform better at home than when they are away or at a neutral ground. LC100 made over €5,300 using this strategy on a host of games featuring a home team tipped for success. In the Manchester Derby, our player placed a bet on a victory for Manchester City @1.40, which represented decent odds considering how impressive Pep Guardiola’s men have started the season. The game finished 3-1 and ensured an easy win for our player. Another smart play came in the Champions League with a stake on a home win for Valencia against Young Boys @1.55. Similarly, a bet on Schalke 04 to do the business at home to Galatasaray @1.55 improved our player’s profits further with the German side securing a comfortable 2-0 win.

Increase odds and returns with smart multiple betting strategy!

Our second winner is Rose1910, who implemented a sharp multi bet strategy to help boost his overall winnings!
In a standard football multiple, a number of single bets are combined, with the winnings from the first bet rolling over to the second and so on. If the multiple is successful, the profit will accumulate with each bet. Rose1910 picked out a brilliant- 5-match multi bet featuring games from the Champions League, Europa League, Serie A and Bundesliga. Included in the winning play was a draw result between Benfica and Ajax @3.55, which significantly boosted our player’s average odds. Other multiple bets like this would help our player take home €4,988 in combined profits! The upside of a football multiple is that it makes it possible to generate impressive profits from a small stake. Unlike betting in singles, which requires a large betting bank to make quick profits, one successful football multiple can produce a big return. This is why football multiples are popular with small-stakes bettors.

Adibou takes home over €3,000 thanks to the UCL and UEL!

Our third winner is Adibou, who focused on the big European competitions to secure over €3,400 in combined profits!
As Europe's biggest club football competitions, the Champions League and Europa League attracts both casual and serious bettors alike. Understanding the context of group stage matches will help you find the best betting value on offer. Taking a page out of our first winner, Adibou also saw the value on offer in the Group H game between Valencia and Young Boys. Our player placed a bet on Valencia to get the win @1.55, which proved to be a shrewd move with the game ending 3-1. Meanwhile, in the Europa League game between Glasgow Celtic and RB Leipzig, our player made his move on a win for Celtic @1.90, who are usually difficult to beat on home turf. A 2-1 victory for Brendan Rodger’s men helped our player on his way to €3,434 in total winnings!
A sensational 7-match multi bet on the Europa League group games helped SmetsKristof turn a €20 stake into a whopping €964 return! Our player selected 7 home wins, including Fenerbahçe beating RSC Anderlecht, with average odds @1.76 and ensured a fantastic way to start the weekend!

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