Weekly Winners: our top three winners this week are poorsabine, dcanak and Serdalbey83!


With smart plays on football and tennis this week, our players showed us how we can improve our own skills and collect some serious cash!

Poorsabine shows the betting value available on the Premier League!

Our first winner is poorsabine, who made over €14,200 with some strategic football predictions!
Once again, outright betting on football proves a highly lucrative strategy for our players to win big! Betting on a ‘Draw’ result in football is one way to find great value on a match with only 3 possible outcomes. It’s important to consider a few things before placing you bet here. Think of the ability of each team and how this ability differs between them, and also whether or not the game is likely to a high-scoring or low-scoring contest. In the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton, the stakes were high for both teams, with neither side able to afford a costly defeat.
Poorsabine saw an opportunity to place a ‘draw’ bet @5.88 which represented fantastic value here. A Wayne Rooney penalty was enough to secure a draw for Everton with the score finishing on a 1-1 score line and helping our player to take home almost 6 times his original bet. However, it’s worth remembering that last season in the Premier League, the percentage of games that finished in a draw was just 22.11%...

Increase your winnings with smart draw betting strategy!

Our second winner is dcanak, who used a similar approach to our last player to boost his profits!
A useful tip to remember when looking for ‘Draw’ selections is that low scoring teams are involved in more drawn matches. In the Premier League, the meeting of Crystal Palace and Bournemouth brought together two of the lowest scoring sides in the division. Before this match, Palace had scored 8 goals in 15 matches while Bournemouth had scored 13 goals. This was also a huge game for two sides battling relegation, so a cagey matchup was expected.
Dcanak made his play with a ‘draw’ bet @3.56 here. The match would finish 2-2, with Belgian forward Christian Benteke missing a 90th minute penalty kick for Palace. A similar selection in the La Liga encounter between Getafe and Eibar represented nice value @3.34. In the Champions League matchup between Maribor and Sevilla, our player took advantage of the high odds @6.11 to once more successfully pick a draw result! All these sharp plays helped dcanak to €5,234 in total winnings!

See how Serdalbey83 found brilliant value thanks to basketball betting!

Our third winner is Serdalbey83, who made his fortune focusing on the basketball market!
Betting on Over/Under points is one of the most popular and profitable ways for punters to increase their returns on basketball. In Turkey, the meeting of Galatasaray SK and USAK Sportif presented an opportunity for Serdalbey83 to place a live bet on ‘Total Under: 174.5’ @2.15. The match would finish 87:81 (168 total) to help more than double our player’s original stake. The NBA games are coming quick, with plenty of action to be played over the upcoming Christmas period.
The match between the Orlando Magic and Denver Nuggets included some nice value betting options and Serdalbey83 made the most of this with a ‘Match Result: Denver Nuggets’ bet @2.07. The Nuggets would go on to win the game 103:89 and helped our player on to total profits of €4,006!
Last but certainly not least, let’s mention Petermathijs, who managed to turn a small €5 bet into €494 win! A treble on 3 games from Ligue 2 picking 3 away wins helped multiply our player’s stake almost 100 times!

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