Weekly Winners: Our top three winners this week are romainprono, gustjanssens & MONSTOR!


With sharp, tactical moves on football, tennis and table tennis this week, our players showed us how we can improve our own strategies and collect some serious cash!

Mix and match tennis markets to increase your odds!

Our first winner is romainprono, who collected almost €13,778 with some brilliant tennis multi-bets!

Tennis betting can be a simple form of betting. As its only a two-way market, meaning you can only have two results: either player A wins or player B wins (unlike football, where a draw is also an option).

Many players use tennis betting for accumulators as odds tend to be a little short for singles. In this instance, romainprono made a move with a 6-match bet on the ATP Barcelona and ATP Budapest events. Included in this bet was David Ferrer to beat Lucas Pouille @1.59 and Benoît Paire to beat Pablo Carreño-Busta @1.40. Despite these low odds on individual matches, our player was still able to return 7.8 times his original stake thanks to forming his accumulator. With the Mutua Madrid Open getting underway at the end of the week, keep up to speed with all the latest betting odds and results @goldenpalace.be!

MLB season offers alternative option to boost profits significantly!

Our second winner is gustjanssens, who found excellent betting value on Major League Baseball!

When it comes to betting on baseball, most players focus on picking underdogs since they win more often in baseball than in any other major sport. The data-driven nature of the game and 162-game season creates an environment ripe for winning bets. All it takes is a player willing to put the time into analyzing data, a little luck, and the right betting systems or strategies. Step up gustjanssens. The Boston Red Sox went into their home match against Tampa Bay Rays winless in five starts this season. Our player saw the value on a victory for Tampa Bay @2.42. This proved a smart move as Tampa Bay secured a 2-5 win and improved their record of winning eight of nine series this year. A similar bet on the Milwaukee Brewers to win away at the New York Mets gave our player another win @2.22. All in all, our player walked away with a €4,372 boost to his bank balance!

Fantastic moves by MONSTOR to win big on table tennis!

Our third winner is MONSTOR, who walked away with €3,652 in combined winnings thanks to sharp table tennis plays!
Table tennis may not be a popular betting market, but that often means there is a possibility of finding very attractive odds with the right knowledge. In the Women’s World Championship match between Ning Ding and Shiwen Liu, our player watched as the game progressed and was able to see the potential of an upset in the cards. The defending champion and world number 1 Ning Ding struggled throughout as our player made his move on a win for Shiwen Liu @5.00. For astute punters who follow the game on the world stage there is an opportunity to not only find a winner, but also find generous odds. More bets like this would contribute to MONSTOR’S overall winnings of €3,652.

Betting Tip: Get to know the top players and look for performance trends.
An exquisite 7-match multi bet on a variety of football leagues was enough to turn Ex_hagenee’s €5 bet into a €286 win. Included in the selection were wins for Royal Antwerp (versus Standard Liege), Oud-Heverlee (versus Lommel United) and Bayer Leverkusen (versus FC Augsburg) to return 57 times his original bet!

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