Weekly Winners: see the best betting plays of 2017 that may inspire you to make the list for 2018!


With smart, strategic plays using a variety of different betting types, our players showed us how we can improve our own skills and collect some serious cash in 2018!

Who was our highest weekly winner in 2017?

The player that managed to take home the most profits in a single week was matthiasd, who managed to take home €24,745 back in October!
Using a variety of different football bets our player combined some intelligent selections into a multi bet format, which meant he was able to increase his value and in turn his profits! The pick of the bunch was a 3-match multi bet picking two home wins (Sampdoria versus Chievo and Udinese versus Atalanta) and one away win (Werder Bremen versus Augsburg). With average odds @3.08 our player was able to multiply his original stake by 27.3 times! Our next big winner was Janexucoz who made €16,299 in one special week back in June. During the Europa League qualification campaign, he selected a fantastic treble bet to multiply his original stake by 6 times!

Betting small amounts can still return you huge profits!

We will next take a look at some of our players who showed how you do not need to bet large amounts to make big profits!
A sensational 6 match multi bet by antwerp_lad landed our player a whopping €2,418 return from just a €10 bet! He made his moves live as he focused on ‘draw’ results, which usually offer high odds! Elsewhere, a 17 match accumulator featuring a mixture of home and away picks from a variety of football leagues around Europe helped turn luckyone’s €5 bet into a €1,636 win! And let’s mention fabrice281 who, back in September, was able to transform a small €1 bet into a €428 return thanks to a 7-match multi bet. Six home win selections (average odds @1.85) and one ‘Correct Score’ pick (@5.89) meant our player multiplied his original stake by 428 times!

Big multi bet selections prove lucrative for many players!

An interesting strategy used by many of our players was to compile a huge amount of selections in one bet with very low odds. Despite the low odds, our players were still able to turn a big profit after all was said and done!
First up was kotiko10, who at the start of December made a bold 30-match multi bet comprising of one bet - ‘Clean Sheet away team: No’. As the games used were between heavy favourites and lowly opposition, the average odds were just @1.14. Our player was still able his €20 stake into a €576 win as a result! Similarly, back in July, TARAMELS was able to leverage the ‘Total Goals Over’ option to his advantage in a spectacular 21-match football multi-bet that turned his €5 stake into a €244 win! Our players were able to show how us combining our individual selections into one larger multi bet, despite increasing the risk due to the number of selections, is often worth it when you see the returns on offer!

What were the most daring bets of 2017?

Finally, we will take a look at some of the most daring bets played by some of our bravest players!
The ‘Correct Score’ option is always tempting with the high odds available in selecting the right final scores in football games. If you have the courage and the insights needed to pull this off, it can be a highly profitable option for any player. One example where this is shown is when Buteur01 correctly predicted the score in the match between Kortrijk and Gent in the Jupiler League. He picked a ‘Correct Score: 4-1’ @100 which meant he turned his €5 bet into a brilliant €500 return! Back in September, MIKL79 made his move with ‘Correct Score: 1-5’ in the match between Viktoria Zizkov and Opava in the Czech National Football League. With crazy odds @81.91 our player was able to turn a small €2 play into €163 return!

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And that’s a wrap for 2017, folks! Everyone @goldenpalace.be would like to congratulate all our players on a brilliant 2017 and wish you all the best for 2018!

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