Win Golden December points with a bet on Inter Milan - SSC Napoli


Football fans across Europe are looking forward to the battle between Inter Milan and SSC Napoli in Italy’s Serie A. This spectacular matchup pits Romelu Lukaku squarely against fellow Belgian national Dries Mertens. Can you predict which way this encounter will go?

Thanks to our Golden December contest, you can not only win a lot of money with a smart prediction, but also earn Golden December points. Still looking for a better spot on the ranking, and waiting for your specialty to come along? Here’s your chance to get ahead in Golden December!

Inter Milan – SSC Napoli

Along with Juventus, AC Milan, and AS Roma, Inter Milan and SSC Napoli are part of the Big Five of current Italian football. Any meeting by these giants is bound to be a spectacle! Belgian nationals will play a big part in this encounter, as it pits Romelu Lukaku against Dries Mertens.

Currenty, Inter Milan is in second place in the Serie A, just behind eternal city rival AC Milan. Internazionale holds 24 points – 3 less than AC. Behind Inter, the others are following closely. A victory would be a stern warning to AC Milan as well as the other contenders.

After years of playing second string to teams like Juve, third-placed SSC Napoli must be itching to prove its worth, and this might well be its season. Can the spirit of recently deceased club icon Diego Maradona carry the Naples side to victory on the field of one of its strongest competitors?

Bet and win points!

Romelu Lukaku or Dries Mertens: who’s your money on? For this part of our Golden December challenge, you can bet on one of the three options available in the type 1X2 single bet. €5 on any of the 1X2 single betting options on the game Inter Milan – SSC Napoli will earn you 50 points.

For each €5 you bet additionally, you win another 50 points, for a maximum of 200 points. That means that a €10 single 1X2 bet earns you 100 points, and a €15 single 1X2 bet will be worth 150 points. Win or lose: you will get your points either way, so don’t miss out on this opportunity got get ahead!

More to come!

Sports fans will find more challenges for them on the road ahead. There are still 15 days left in 2020, and you can use them all to your advantage! This Friday, we have our second quiz on Facebook, and this time we call upon your sports knowledge to earn your Golden December points.

That’s far from all, of course. There are still enough points to be made for a better spot on the Golden December leaderboard. Check out our Golden December page now to discover all about the challenge we’ve prepared for you this week, and read the terms and conditions for participation details.

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