Win more with your basketball knowledge in our NBA betting tournament!


After many successful sports betting tournaments on several of the world’s greatest football competitions, we’re moving our tournament concept into brand new territory. That’s right: from now on, you can start using your basketball knowledge to win on our NBA betting tournament!


There’s no basketball league in the world greater than the National Basketball Association in the United States. The world’s most prestigious basketball league is divided across a Western Conference and an Eastern Conference, and is known as a somewhat of a volatile competition. It has the feel like any team could become champion during any given season. Remember last year, when the Milwaukee Bucks won their first title in 50 years! Follow our articles for insights and updates as this NBA season develops.

Our sports betting tournaments – now on the NBA!

If you’ve participated in our sports betting tournaments before, then you already know what to do! You simply bet as you usually would, but every day, we check your betting activities for your winning bet of the day before that had the biggest odds. These odds are multiplied by 100 to arrive at a points total for that day. That points total ends up on the leader board, which is updated every day with your accumulated points total. There’s a prize pool of €1.500 to win, so join the fun in our tournament now!

Become a real basketball VIP!

If you’re a fan of live basketball, you will never pass up the opportunity to watch a live game. As a sponsor of 2 of Belgium’s finest basketball teams, Golden Palace has the power to offer you such an experience. In fact – we have the generosity to give you a true VIP experience! This November 21, Antwerp Giants meet Spirou Charleroi in a Golden Palace basketball derby. Want to join us in an all-exclusive evening (VIP seats, dinner, meet the players,…)? Check our Facebook and Instagram now!

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