Win the jackpot on Airdice’s newest game Black Lotus!

17 November 2021

What do you get when you combine a top-notch strategic dice game with a progressive jackpot you can win at all available stakes? Find out on today by playing Airdice’s latest release Black Lotus!

Black lotus at a glance

  • 4 game boxes
  • 5 pay lines per box
  • Volatility: 2 out of 5
  • Desktop and mobile
  • Bonus symbol: Black Lotus
  • Progressive jackpot on all stakes
  • Bet range: €0.25 - €25
  • Nocturnal garden theme

Goal of the game

The goal of Black Lotus is to strategically place blocks of dice in one of four game boxes to create horizontal and diagonal lines of identical symbols. This will earn you points depending on the symbol’s value, which in turn determines your prize. You need at least 100 points to win, and higher scores can net you up to 100 times your stake!  Like other popular Airdice hits such as Infinity Dice and Mega Wheels, you earn a points multiplier by scoring points in at least 3 (x1.5) or all 4 (x2) game boxes.

Black Lotus bonus game

When you form a line with three lotus symbols, the Black Lotus bonus game will trigger. It’s then time to spin the lotus-shaped bonus wheel! Each spin of the wheel will award you extra points, a number of Mystery Games or the Black Lotus Jackpot. You then have a decision to make: accept the prize or spin again? You can spin up to 5 times, but once you reject a prize, you can’t change your mind later. Choose carefully!

Progressive Jackpot

Attentive readers may know that Black Lotus is not the first Airdice game with a jackpot, as the massively popular Mega Wheels has a jackpot too (two, actually!). However, what makes Black Lotus’ jackpot special is that all bets on all stakes contribute to it and the amount you can win is the same on all available stakes. Each higher stake does increase the chances of winning the jackpot slightly, however.

Mystery Games

By spinning the bonus wheel, you can win 3, 5 or even 15 Mystery Games. During these Mystery Games, the prize table transforms and all scores of at least 100 points are worth 100 times your bet. By optimizing your strategy and a little luck, winnings from Mystery Games can rival or even exceed jackpot wins!

Black Lotus