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11 May 2022

This year’s Coppa Italia final is shaping up to be an epic duel: none other than Juventus and Inter Milan go head-to-head! Both teams have a lot to fight for: can Juventus save an otherwise lost season, or can Inter Milan grab the chance to win both the Coppa and the Scudetto? If you have any idea how this could end up, then place your bet, and win big thanks your sports knowledge at!

Coppa Italia final: Juventus versus Inter Milan

There’s no way around it: in recent years, the encounter between Juve and Inter has been a fixture that people look forward to. This time around, fate decided that the two rivals from northern Italy should meet once more in the Coppa Italia – in the final, no less! Historically, the team from Turin has been the better of the two. In fact, it has been the most successful team in the Coppa.

Juve turned 20 appearances in the final into 14 cups – both are records. Inter Milan has a more modest cup history: 7 cups won out of 13 finals played. Juve has lost any chance of winning the Scudetto this year, so we’ll see it go all-out for this consolation cup. Internazionale, meanwhile, has a whole other goal: there’s still a chance that it can bring home the double. Can you predict who will win this one?

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