Winning 40 times your bet with ice hockey

26 January 2023

Winning 40x his stake | Ice Hockey | Sports Betting |

Just because a sport is less well known doesn't mean the winnings are less. One of our bettors just bet €40 on 3 ice hockey matches on 28 December 2022 and his €40 became €1,781.78. He mostly bet on the right hockey players in North America’s main hockey league. Let's analyse his bet.

40x his bet! Betting on ice hockey pays off

Our winning bettor chose 3 ice hockey matches in the NHL (National Hockey League). The National Hockey League in North America has 32 teams, 7 of which are Canadian. With that many teams, you know that there’s a lot of matches to choose from to determine the number 1!

On December 28, 12 games were scheduled. Our bettor selected 3 of them: Winnipeg Jets vs Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators vs Dallas Stars and St Louis Blues vs Toronto Maple Leafs. He didn't bet on the outcome of the game but on the Total Points market of players, even in the two competing teams. You can tell this bettor knows ice hockey... Or maybe he was just well informed because he was right on target. He pocketed his €1,781.78, just in time, between Christmas and New Year's Eve!

Our multibooster: an extra win for our bettors

We can say that our bettor placed a smart bet, and we can imagine his joy to see that he had well guessed the behaviour of the 11 players chosen in his bet. You can see his selection in the image illustrating our article.

Do you see the "extra winnings" line? Do you know what that is? It is an extra winnings that has been granted to this bettor thanks to our multibooster. It is awarded automatically to bettors who make a multi bet, for any bet with odds of at least @1.40. Is your multi bet a winner? You receive extra winnings! 

As you can see, a sport with little media coverage in Belgium, such as ice hockey, does not prevent a Belgian bettor from winning a big prize. It can happen to anyone. Now it's your turn!  Place a smart bet and you may also multiply your stake by 40... Or more.


Winning 40x his stake | Ice Hockey | Sports Betting |