Women’s Euro 2022: France – Belgium

14 July 2022

With its game against Iceland on Sunday, the Belgians have started their Euro 2022 campaign in their group. Next up, later today: France, the toughest opponent in the group phase for the Belgian ladies. We have faith in a great performance, but bringing home the three points will be a tall order… Still, that means that a smart bet on Belgium to win is worth more. Come on, Belgium!

France – Belgium (July 14, 9 p.m.)

France – Belgium in the women’s Euro 2022 could be a key match in the group phase. If France wins or draws, it’s pretty much guaranteed to make it to the next stage one way or another, as it beat Italy 5-1. This result puts the French squad in the lead with 3 points and a comfortable lead goal-wise, should that become important later on. Either way, France seems to have hit its stride…

Belgium, on the other hand, only managed to get away with a 1-1 draw against Iceland on Sunday. The Belgian ladies will need to bring their best game to the pitch to frustrate their French foes. Historically, France has the slight upper hand, with 2 victories against 1 for the Belgians, and 1 scoreless draw. It has been years since the two met competitively, so anything could happen!

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