Women’s Euro 2022: Italy – Belgium

18 July 2022

The women’s Euro 2022 has by now moved along to its last matchday in the group phase, and after Iceland and France earlier, the Belgian women now find themselves against Italy. No matter the circumstances, we will always root for a Belgium victory. So, do you have any idea what it will be against the Italian delegation? Don’t miss the chance to show your support at least once more!

Italy – Belgium (July 18, 9 p.m.)

Italy made it to the tournament after being picked up as one of the best runners-up in the qualification round. That’s not to say that the Italian ladies aren’t deserving of their place in the tournament. In the past, they’ve defeated rival nations that are now stronger on paper. Twice in their history, they’ve even made it to the finals – though that has been almost 30 year ago.

Our Belgian ladies have had a tough time with Italy in the past, winning only twice in 9 head-to-head encounters, and just 1 draw. In the previous edition of the tournament, Italy left the scene in the group stage, so Belgium knows that the Italians aren’t infallible. The fact that France thrashed them 5-1 in the group’s opening game, could swing the game either way… We’ll have to wait and see!

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